King anma (킹안마)

킹안마 할인

Gangnam Massage ‘King anma (킹안마)’ event to receive up to 50% discount

If you ask modern people who are tired of work these days about their ideal life plan, many people answer ‘War Label’. Work label refers to the balance between work and private life, and the fact that many people want a work label means that the concept of ‘healing’ in leisure has changed from before.

An increasing number of modern people want to improve their quality of life by taking a break from daily life rather than simply pursuing a sense of mental happiness, and this is the recognition of various spaces where they can relax in a cool and quiet way, such as a spa or massage shop. also brought about many changes.

The existing perception of spas and massage parlors was that they were simply a culture of luxury, but recently, the perception that they are a positive space where you can relax and enjoy is rapidly spreading.

Among them, the daily casual spa brand ‘King anma (킹안마)’ announced that it would hold a summer event where you can receive up to 50% discount.

King anma (킹안마) Daily Casual Spa, a brand that has been loved since the Yeoksam branch in Gangnam in 2008, is a high-quality spa and treatment provided by high-end spa resorts and luxury hotels in order to return the support it has received from customers for 10 years. He said that he planned this event to give customers a special opportunity to offer back products at a 50% discount.

King anma (킹안마) is a healthy Thai-style healing space, and it is known as a space where various customers, such as lovers, family and friends, visit to relieve fatigue in a comfortable atmosphere and receive quality massage and various services. In addition, Natural Thai Spa appeared in various famous media, including three airwaves, and is said to have increased its reputation as a healing space for modern people in the 21st century and a spa spot loved by couples.

An official from Natural Thai Spa said, “We are continuously receiving high-quality education, and trained hotel therapists are stable, so you can enjoy well-being massage comfortably.” We are constantly striving to create an atmosphere that is positive.”

He continued, “In addition, we are preparing a number of customized programs for customers, such as pain management, insomnia care, slimming management, prenatal and postpartum care, which require more specialized techniques, and we are planning to introduce them soon, so you can look forward to it. We hope that you do not miss the opportunity to receive a variety of reasonable services in a comfortable space.”

King anma (킹안마) Increase customer satisfaction with a whole body skin care shop that uses natural organic oil

Recently, more and more people are paying attention to skin care due to high temperature, humidity, and UV rays. More and more people are looking for aromatherapy to prevent spots, freckles, and blemishes caused by strong UV rays, as well as to maintain elastic and smooth skin.

Among them, King anma (킹안마), a skin care shop in Apgujeong and Cheongdam-dong, reinterpreted the traditional Swedish massage from Northern Europe to fit the Korean style. Swedish massage is characterized by delicate and soft touching compared to popular sports massage, and is known for its excellent efficacy in relieving stress and skin care with natural base oils and essential oils.

Cheongdam-dong King anma (킹안마) maximizes the effects of stress relief and skin care with delicate and gentle touch, and the use of natural base oils and essential oils enhances customer satisfaction.

2s Apgujeong Store uses expensive sweet almond oil and jojoba oil among the base oils. Sweet almond oil contains vitamin D, vitamin E, and minerals to block itching of the skin and help improve dry skin and inflammatory diseases.

Jojoba oil is an oil extracted by pressing the fruit of a tree, similar to human skin ingredients, and has anti-inflammatory effects as well as moisturizing, regenerating, and elastic skin. It is not sticky, so it feels good to use, and it is a base oil that can be used by both men and women regardless of oily or dry skin.

In addition, essential oils help to balance hormones and promote immunity and sterilization by excreting and purifying waste products. There are lavender, bergamot, tangerine, etc., and it can be improved to lively skin because it consists of pure natural ingredients.

An official from King anma (킹안마), Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam, said, “You can feel the freedom of body and mind in a special and cozy space, and it helps you relax because you can enjoy skin care and massage effects at the same time with the subtle scent that fills the room.” told

He continued, “The tension in the body causes cramps, muscle and back pain, so it is good to relax the muscles with regular massage. You can find health not only in body but also in mind.”

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