King anma (킹안마)

킹안마 할인

Gangnam Massage ‘King anma (킹안마)’ event to receive up to 50% discount

If you ask modern people who are tired of work these days about their ideal life plan, many people answer ‘War Label’. Work label refers to the balance between work and private life, and the fact that many people want a work label means that the concept of ‘healing’ in leisure has changed from before.

An increasing number of modern people want to improve their quality of life by taking a break from daily life rather than simply pursuing a sense of mental happiness, and this is the recognition of various spaces where they can relax in a cool and quiet way, such as a spa or massage shop. also brought about many changes.

The existing perception of spas and massage parlors was that they were simply a culture of luxury, but recently, the perception that they are a positive space where you can relax and enjoy is rapidly spreading.

Among them, the daily casual spa brand ‘King anma (킹안마)’ announced that it would hold a summer event where you can receive up to 50% discount.

King anma (킹안마) Daily Casual Spa, a brand that has been loved since the Yeoksam branch in Gangnam in 2008, is a high-quality spa and treatment provided by high-end spa resorts and luxury hotels in order to return the support it has received from customers for 10 years. He said that he planned this event to give customers a special opportunity to offer back products at a 50% discount.

King anma (킹안마) is a healthy Thai-style healing space, and it is known as a space where various customers, such as lovers, family and friends, visit to relieve fatigue in a comfortable atmosphere and receive quality massage and various services. In addition, Natural Thai Spa appeared in various famous media, including three airwaves, and is said to have increased its reputation as a healing space for modern people in the 21st century and a spa spot loved by couples.

An official from Natural Thai Spa said, “We are continuously receiving high-quality education, and trained hotel therapists are stable, so you can enjoy well-being massage comfortably.” We are constantly striving to create an atmosphere that is positive.”

He continued, “In addition, we are preparing a number of customized programs for customers, such as pain management, insomnia care, slimming management, prenatal and postpartum care, which require more specialized techniques, and we are planning to introduce them soon, so you can look forward to it. We hope that you do not miss the opportunity to receive a variety of reasonable services in a comfortable space.”

King anma (킹안마) Increase customer satisfaction with a whole body skin care shop that uses natural organic oil

Recently, more and more people are paying attention to skin care due to high temperature, humidity, and UV rays. More and more people are looking for aromatherapy to prevent spots, freckles, and blemishes caused by strong UV rays, as well as to maintain elastic and smooth skin.

Among them, King anma (킹안마), a skin care shop in Apgujeong and Cheongdam-dong, reinterpreted the traditional Swedish massage from Northern Europe to fit the Korean style. Swedish massage is characterized by delicate and soft touching compared to popular sports massage, and is known for its excellent efficacy in relieving stress and skin care with natural base oils and essential oils.

Cheongdam-dong King anma (킹안마) maximizes the effects of stress relief and skin care with delicate and gentle touch, and the use of natural base oils and essential oils enhances customer satisfaction.

2s Apgujeong Store uses expensive sweet almond oil and jojoba oil among the base oils. Sweet almond oil contains vitamin D, vitamin E, and minerals to block itching of the skin and help improve dry skin and inflammatory diseases.

Jojoba oil is an oil extracted by pressing the fruit of a tree, similar to human skin ingredients, and has anti-inflammatory effects as well as moisturizing, regenerating, and elastic skin. It is not sticky, so it feels good to use, and it is a base oil that can be used by both men and women regardless of oily or dry skin.

In addition, essential oils help to balance hormones and promote immunity and sterilization by excreting and purifying waste products. There are lavender, bergamot, tangerine, etc., and it can be improved to lively skin because it consists of pure natural ingredients.

An official from King anma (킹안마), Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam, said, “You can feel the freedom of body and mind in a special and cozy space, and it helps you relax because you can enjoy skin care and massage effects at the same time with the subtle scent that fills the room.” told

He continued, “The tension in the body causes cramps, muscle and back pain, so it is good to relax the muscles with regular massage. You can find health not only in body but also in mind.”

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Left and right shoulder and upper trapezius pain and causes, massage and stretching

trapezius pain

Massage and stretching recommended by Runpeople

Today, with Runpeople, let’s take a brief look at left, right shoulder, upper trapezius pain and its causes.

trapezius pain

This disease, which also applies to me sitting at a computer for a long time, seems to be present in all modern people.

What is trapezius pain!?

There are various causes of diseases that cause trapezius pain, but in clinical practice, these two causes are defined: cervical disc and myofascial pain.

causes of trapezius pain

For cervical disc

As one of the causes of pain, cervical disc is caused by trauma, and it is a common disease in people who use a PC or smartphone in the wrong posture for a long time or a degenerative cervical spine disease as they get older.

Cervical discs absorb shocks between bones, absorb shocks, and protect the intervertebral discs, which deform or move out of place and stimulate the nerve roots or spinal cord, causing neuritis, causing pain and numbness in the arms.

This may be caused by a traffic accident or trauma, but it is a degenerative disease caused by maintaining the wrong posture for a long time, and the symptoms may develop more rapidly with continuous stress, excessive exercise, irregular lifestyle, and excessive drinking or smoking.

In case of myofascial pain

I think everyone has experienced it at least once. In some cases, it passes easily like a cold or muscle pain, but there are people who suffer from this symptom for a long time, alternating left and right over months to years. (I am….)

Although the exact cause is not known, incorrect posture is considered to be the main cause, and it is known that symptoms develop when accompanied by overwork, excessive drinking, trauma, irregular lifestyle, and insomnia.

trapezius pain symptoms

In case of cervical disc

At first, it causes neck, nape, and shoulder pain whose exact location is unknown, but over time, the deltoid muscle area and fingertips become numb.

In addition to this, it causes discomfort in daily life by causing shoulder and neck pain, stiff neck, dry eye syndrome, arm paralysis, chronic fatigue, chronic headache, and dizziness.

If cervical disc is suspected, it is recommended to immediately visit an orthopedic surgeon or a neurosurgeon for treatment.

For myofascial pain

If you frequently have gallstones or muscle pains of unknown cause, including the wings and ribs, you should be suspicious. This syndrome is a simple phlegm or muscle pain that can be recovered by taking enough sleep and rest for 2 to 3 days, but if it persists for 2 weeks, it is more likely to be myofascial pain.

In this disease, pain, stiffness, numbness, tightness, and phlegm appear intensively around the neck or shoulder.

And if the symptoms get worse, even if you do not press the scapula with your hands, pain is induced, the range of motion of the shoulder is limited, the shoulder area becomes hard, and it is accompanied by fatigue, digestive problems, migraine headache, eye fatigue, sleep disturbance, and decreased concentration.

massage and stretching

If your shoulder hurts, massage between your neck and shoulder may reduce the pain, but there is no significant effect other than a temporary relief. On the contrary, it can lead to chronic pain and harm your shoulder health.

​ Of course, massage can relieve muscle tension and promote blood circulation to relieve pain, but since this is a short-term effect, it is not easy to relieve pain through continuous massage.

To relieve shoulder pain, correcting the wrong posture is more important than massage, and it is recommended to use the PC monitor and smartphone at eye level.

Relax your muscles through stretching!

Tilt the back of the neck: Sit on a chair and hold the head with interlaced hands, tilt it back for 5 seconds and hold it.

​ Push-ups against the wall: Place your hands on the edge of the wall and slowly descend toward the wall and hold for 15 seconds.

Bend your torso while sitting: Place your hand on the opposite shoulder and slowly rotate your body toward the raised hand, holding for 10 seconds.

Chin Press: It is recommended to press the chin (5-6 times a day) while looking at the front with the shoulders relaxed and the force removed.

Today, we briefly looked into the causes and causes of left, right shoulder, and upper trapezius pain with Runpeople.

I hope that my post has been helpful to you.

Efficacy of cucumber pack and how to massage cucumber

massage cucumber

Cucumber is also known as a diet food because of its low calorie and also for facial massage!

I was looking for cucumber packs in the hot summer weather.

In this post, I have summarized how to massage cucumbers and even the effects of cucumber packs, so I hope it helps.

how to massage cucumber

I wonder if there is anything else like this as a natural beauty ingredient!

Cucumbers can be massaged more easily in a relatively simple way by simply slicing them into thin slices and attaching them to your face.

When I am troubled by the sun, I cut cucumbers and massage them to cool off.

You can use it as a cucumber pack by cutting a cucumber thinly and attaching it to your face, or by grinding it on a grater and mixing it with flour.

The easiest way would be to slice it thinly and stick it on.

You can also grind it on a grater or mixer, mix it with flour, and apply it for about 15 minutes.

Grind it finely on a grater.

Adjust the consistency by mixing the flour so that it does not run off.

Apply evenly over the entire face and rinse with lukewarm water before it hardens.

You can also add honey to this if you like.

It is good to make and use these natural packs only once.

Fresh and clean ingredients must be used.

Before applying the pack, wash your face and open the pores with a steam towel.

오피스타 공식 (

Cucumber massage pack effect

The main component of cucumber is 95% water.

So, it is good for moisturizing rough skin.

It can help reduce fever.

It also contains collagen, which is known to help prevent skin aging.

It can help relieve blemishes and freckles, and also help with whitening.

Various organic acids contained in cucumber juice,

Because it is rich in vitamin C, which has antioxidant effects, it can help prevent skin dryness and aging, and even help to brighten skin tone.

I think it’s a relatively simple process!

What I like the most is that it feels cool.

How about a cucumber massage or pack as home care in summer?

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