Heat & Aroma Massage

Therapy promotion for “Heat & Aroma Massage”

Heat & Aroma Massage

Jeju THE WE Hotel offers ‘Heat & Aroma Massage’ therapy promotion in a healthy and beautiful New Year

Effects that not only help the body release toxins and wastes, but also provide stability and comfort in mind and body

Heat & Aroma Massage – The Medical Spa Center of the health resort “THE WE | WE Hotel & WE Hospital,” which embraces Hallasan Mountain’s clean nature, will showcase two “New Year’s Celebration” promotions by the end of January that offer special discounts to guests to start the cold winter healthily and beautifully in the new year. To welcome the new year healthily and beautifully, we offer “Silkfil & Bangquish” therapy for me and a “Heat & Aroma Massage” therapy promotion that enhances immunity by raising the body temperature by 1°C.

The first promotion is “Silk Peel & Bangquish” therapy, which is effective in treating various skin such as freckles and acne, and provides “Silk Peel Therapy” that can return to daily life immediately and “Bangquish Therapy(zlrunop.com)” that can improve fat decomposition.

The second promotion is the Heat & Aroma Massage promotion. “Heat therapy” enhances immunity by raising body temperature by 1 degree using thermal equipment, and attaches the giant kelp marine ingredient “Therme Algae” to the body to release toxins to activate metabolism. Aroma massage is a program that not only helps the body release toxins or wastes through pharmacological actions such as lymph stimulation, sweating, and diuretic, but also provides stability and comfort of the mind and body.

THE WE’s Medical Spa Center serves the most optimized programs for individual counseling with customers and physical health status. It provides more effective therapy by utilizing natural volcanic rock water, which is the first-class water from the underground bedrock and contains a large amount of minerals such as bicarbonate, vanadium, selenium and magnesium.