Efficacy of cucumber pack and how to massage cucumber

massage cucumber

Cucumber is also known as a diet food because of its low calorie and also for facial massage!

I was looking for cucumber packs in the hot summer weather.

In this post, I have summarized how to massage cucumbers and even the effects of cucumber packs, so I hope it helps.

how to massage cucumber

I wonder if there is anything else like this as a natural beauty ingredient!

Cucumbers can be massaged more easily in a relatively simple way by simply slicing them into thin slices and attaching them to your face.

When I am troubled by the sun, I cut cucumbers and massage them to cool off.

You can use it as a cucumber pack by cutting a cucumber thinly and attaching it to your face, or by grinding it on a grater and mixing it with flour.

The easiest way would be to slice it thinly and stick it on.

You can also grind it on a grater or mixer, mix it with flour, and apply it for about 15 minutes.

Grind it finely on a grater.

Adjust the consistency by mixing the flour so that it does not run off.

Apply evenly over the entire face and rinse with lukewarm water before it hardens.

You can also add honey to this if you like.

It is good to make and use these natural packs only once.

Fresh and clean ingredients must be used.

Before applying the pack, wash your face and open the pores with a steam towel.

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Cucumber massage pack effect

The main component of cucumber is 95% water.

So, it is good for moisturizing rough skin.

It can help reduce fever.

It also contains collagen, which is known to help prevent skin aging.

It can help relieve blemishes and freckles, and also help with whitening.

Various organic acids contained in cucumber juice,

Because it is rich in vitamin C, which has antioxidant effects, it can help prevent skin dryness and aging, and even help to brighten skin tone.

I think it’s a relatively simple process!

What I like the most is that it feels cool.

How about a cucumber massage or pack as home care in summer?

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